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In Feb 2023, Amber McNamara Consulting and Gist Communications & Training came together under one umbrella to form Cinch, where together progress is easy!

People ask, what does Cinch mean? The dictionary definition states, "an extremely easy task". e.g. The program was a cinch to use!
Similar words include - easy, uncomplicated, not difficult, undemanding and unexacting.

What Cinch means to us is that no matter what direction your continuous improvement journey takes, Cinch is here to help and to make it easy for you.

These journeys can mean different things to different people, whether you are a business who needs assistance creating efficiencies through the upgrade of business processes and systems.

Or an individual on your own personal development journey and you need some extra training or wish to learn something new.

Whatever you need, we are here to help.


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